NewsCourse on Conflict Resolution and Managerial Psychology

Introducing insightful course on conflict resolution & managerial psychology that was just launched by our member Společnost pro management a leadership s.r.o. Dive into essential skills like active listening, mediation, and negotiation to become the leader your team admires.

Effective conflict resolution is a key skill for every manager. Proper listening, empathy and open communication are the foundation for successfully resolving disagreements. A case study from Adobe highlights the importance of active listening and understanding different perspectives in resolving workplace conflicts.

🕊️ Using techniques such as mediation and negotiation can help find common ground and reach mutual agreement. The key is to maintain objectivity, remain open to different points of view and seek constructive solutions that respect the needs of all parties involved.

If you want to work on yourself and be the best leader for your team, join the MSc. You will see yourself and other people from other perspectives. Managerial Psychology