NewsClimate Action and the Accountancy Profession: Building a Sustainable Future

The BCC would like to invite its members to ACCA’s Sustainability Conference! Their aim is to spark dynamic debates on topics such as sustainability, and raise awareness about the necessary steps for a greener future.

The Climate action and the accountancy profession: building a sustainable future conference, with support of UK Embassy in Prague, will be held at the O2 Universum on the 23rd of November 2021 at 16:30 pm CET. 

Climate change is indisputable. Very few organisations are moving at the pace and scale needed to counter the devastating and world-altering threats it will bring. To meet that challenge, organisations will need to formulate their organisations climate action strategy and to put finance and accounting professionals at the heart of it. They should start by focusing on integrating finance and sustainability expertise in areas such as: Business Strategy, Governance, Accounting frameworks and standards, The road to decarbonisation.

Register now to secure limited seats in the conference venue or register to attend online. The conference will be opened up by the UK Ambassador Mr. Nick Archer. We will present the outcomes of ACCA’s Professional Insight report: Climate action and the profession: contributing to COP 26.


Panel Discussion Food and Networking : Confirmed speakers

Filip Bělák, Group CFO, EP Power Europe

Ondřej Beránek, Executive Director Veolia Support Services, a.s.

Jan Brázda, Partner PwC Czech Republic

Grzegorz Mączyński, Group Financial Director COLAS Poland/COLAS Kruszywa


ACCA will also be hosting an educational programme of study in the UK, “CLIMATE ACTION AND THE ACCOUNTANCY PROFESSION: BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE”.

For more information visit ACCA