NewsClifford Chance: The New Czech Construction Law in Short

The new construction law, effective from the 1st of July 2024, introduces significant changes and poses several challenges for builders and construction authorities. Transitioning to this law will be demanding due to the complete shift from the old system, concerns over the digitalisation process, and the need for adequate staffing. The law sets short deadlines for issuing permits, but these can be extended without automatic approval. A key change is the move to a single-stage approval process, eliminating the need for separate zoning and construction permits. The new law requires the construction authority to obtain necessary opinions independently if not provided by the builder, although this could delay the process.

Planning agreements are now considered public law contracts, potentially subject to administrative review. Final approval (kolaudace) is mandatory for most projects, including family homes. Permits will have a limited duration, and if a project is not completed within ten years without an extension, it may be ordered for demolition. The rules for legalising illegal constructions are stricter, with specific conditions and deadlines that must be met.

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