NewsChristmas season at Prague Marriott Hotel: Festive brunches, multi-course dinners, parties and more!

It is less than three months until Christmas, and the festive events planning is well underway!

Prague Hotel Marriott, located in the very centre of Prague’s Old Town, is prepared for anything you might have on your mind during Christmas! Discover the festive magic in the Marriott, where you can look forward to joyful moments and delicious cuisine. Create wonderful memories and savour the holiday spirit at:

  • Christmas parties, including a special New Year Eve’s party
  • festive brunches with live music and raffles
  • multiple lunches, cocktails and a special Christmas Eve Dinner
  • the Christmas Suites, for which you can use the Christmas Vouchers

Some of these events have a limited capacity, so planning further ahead might be the difference between securing yourself a spectacular experience and not!

Check the full Prague Marriott Hotel offer here.