NewsChef David Rejhon shines among the world’s top chefs: At the Marriott hotel chain’s conference, he won the “Chef of the Year” award for his sustainable approach

The Artisan Restaurant at Prague’s Marriott Hotel is pleased to announce that its Chef David Rejhon has received the prestigious “Chef of the Year” award in the Marriott Premium category Hotels. He received this prestigious award at the recent EMEA Operations 2024 conference held in Barcelona.

Chefs from more than 1,000 Marriott hotels in the EMEA region compete for the “Chef of the Year” award (Europe, Middle East and Africa) based on the restaurant’s performance in the area of gastronomy, the results of performance and, most importantly, guest feedback, which Marriott closely monitors.

David Rejhon has impressed with his passion for sustainability and zero-waste approach, which form the cornerstones of his work. Examples of his innovative approach include the production of homemade honey from the hotel’s own bees on the roof, a cultivator for growing herbs, an outdoor greenhouse and his own composter. In addition, David also uses the Japanese artistic technique of Kintsugi to repair broken plates and engages in daily food preservation and fermentation, effectively minimizing food waste. These sustainable and innovative practices were a key factor in earning David the “Chef of the Year” award.

“It is a huge honour and privilege to receive such an award and I am extremely grateful for the support of the entire team at The Artisan. Our collective efforts and commitment to sustainability set us apart and it is a pleasure to be part of the Marriott family that supports these values,” says David Rejhon, executive chef of The Artisan.

Robert Grader, General Manager of the Prague Marriott, adds: “I am very proud of David and the entire team at The Artisan. Their innovative approach to sustainability is an inspiration to our entire group and their award is a well-deserved recognition of their hard and long-term work.”

The Artisan Restaurant looks forward to continued success and will continue to provide guests with a world-class dining experience in line with its values of responsible and sustainable cuisine. For more information about The Artisan Restaurant, please visit