NewsCentre of Excellence for 14 – 18 year olds in Prague 4

The Prague British School and the English International School Prague are coming together in September 2018 to form the Prague British International School. PBIS will be made up of three campuses, Vlastina in Prague 6 and Kamýk and Libuš in Prague 4.

Vlastina and Kamyk are both for children aged up to 14 years. Each site delivers a creative and theme based curriculum, underpinned by the English National Curriculum. Children start in the Early Years Foundation Stage, continue through Primary school and Lower Secondary until the end of Year 9. Upon completion of studies at either Vlastina or Kamyk, students transfer to the Libuš campus.

Libuš campus brings something new not just to Prague, but to the whole CEE Region.

Libuš is a dedicated IGCSE and IB centre for students aged 15 to 18 years old, (Year 10 to Year 13).  The 4-year campus delivers internationally recognised examinations in state-of-the-art facilities, with inspirational teachers and aspirational learning.

At the beginning of Year 10 PBIS students make choices about which subjects they will study for their first international qualification,the International General Certificate of Secondary Education(IGCSE). This certificate is awarded by an examining board in the United Kingdom and is the world’s most popular international qualification for 14 to 16 year olds. Widely recognised and respected, it provides an excellent academic grounding for further study.

The range of IGCSE’s available to students in Year 10 is wide, varied and challenging.  A bespoke and individualised learning programme is designed for each student which is focused on delivering the very best outcomes and to provide a pathway to future studies in the IB programme and beyond.

Starting in Year 12, PBIS offers two strands of the IB programme, the Diploma Programme and the Careers Programme.

The Diploma Programme is internationally recognised andaccepted by Universities across the globe.  Both PBS and EISP have a long track record with the Diploma programme, having first introduced it in 1998. It is a rigorous, academically challenging and balancedprogramme during which students study 6 subjects, one from each subject group, and complete additional projects. With up to 7 subjects to choose from in each group PBIS offers students an unparalleled level of choice and guidance within the Diploma Programme.

The newer Careers Programmeis a unique and ground breaking coursewhich addresses the needs of students who wish to study a vocationally orientated programme.  It consists of a vocational core in areas such as Creative Media Productionand Performance, and is supplemented by Diploma courses and leads to University, apprenticeships or employment.

PBIS is built on a solid foundation of academic excellence. In 2017 students at EISP and PBS achieved the highest average IB results in Prague with two students achieving a perfect score. Only 218 students out of more than 157 000 in the world achieved this last year!

With outstanding facilities, an unequalled level of choice and remarkable academic standards the Libuš campus of PBIS offers a unique opportunity for students to excel.