NewsCarlsbad International School: The best way to choose a boarding school is to visit

1. Learn about the boarding school in advance
Browse the school website, read school brochures and materials. Before your visit, try to get some updated information. Ask the Admissions officer to put you in touch with some of the current students.

2. Assess the ambience of the campus
Plan for at least a half-day stay on campus. It shall become your “home away from home” for 24 hours 7 days a week. Do you feel it is too big/ small, crowded/ empty? Does the location nearby or far away from the city centre suit you?

3. Meet the Admissions specialist
Bring your documents and prepare a list of questions about academic programmes, activities, boarding and other individual points of interest.

4. Tour the campus with a student-peer
Shadow a current student who will take you to classes, dormitories and school meals. Put yourself in his/her shoes living on campus. Talk to people to get the first impression of the student/staff community.

5. Go beyond classes
Attend a variety of lessons: from popular ones to more difficult ones. How are the relations between students and the faculty? Visit a library, a techroom and look through textbooks. On information boards, check the announcements. Would you join some activities? Are you interested in the weekend trips on offer? Go and see school facilities.

At home, write down the advantages and disadvantages you need to consider. Every boarding school is different and this is a great tool to choose the best one for you.