NewsCarlsbad International School: One Day in a Boarding School

One Day in a Boarding School

Spend one day with Brooke, our student and member of the CIS Swimming Team.

“On a normal Wednesday I wake up before my roommates to get ready for swim training in the local, modern KV Arena swimming center. I leave at 6:50 and I am back by 8:20 am.  When I return to school, I have breakfast of usually pancakes or oatmeal. Then, I use my free period to study or do homework before Spanish and English class. After those classes, I have lunch with my classmates in our cafeteria, “Friendship Hall”, and listen to music in my dorm. After lunch, I head to Art class where my art teacher helps me to express imagination. I finish that day of classes with Activities, which on Wednesdays has been KV Tours or DofE (Duke of Edinburgh) training. After Activities at 17:40, I have family dinner, which is an occasion where “CIS families” meet together once a week to share a meal and chat. At 19:15 I check into Study Hall before heading to my room to do schoolwork from 19:30-21:00. After Study Hall, I FaceTime my friends back home in California (as it is their lunch time then) and get ready for bed.”

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