NewsAssessment Systems: start calling ourselves a company “with fifteen-year tradition”

Came the turn of the year, Assessment Systems reached the age when it’s finally appropriate to proudly start calling ourselves a company “with fifteen-year tradition” instead of “with more than ten-year tradition.”

For the last fifteen years, we’ve been helping our clients grow by growing their human capital. Therefore, we know very well that helping to create that capital is just as important. That’s why we, with the help of People in Need, have decided to put a bow on our success and pass it on to children in Angola in the form of financial contribution towards their education.

The project, which you can support by any financial sum, will be up and running until the end of this year. It’s our birthday wish that together, we can help as much as we can.

For joining us in donating, please follow these steps: go to “Share the Party” web page, choose “I Want to Help” and fill in any information needed as well as unique party code: 901165. You can send your donation through credit card or by bank account transfer until December 31, 2017.

We will be very happy if you leave us a message as well.

At the end of our jubilee year, well will summarize our donations and see how we collectively helped to grow human capital as well as made the world a better place for us all.

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