NewsBuy a personal engraved brick and help those in need with Portus Praha

Elevate your legacy and make a lasting impact on the lives of individuals with disabilities.
Portus Praha, our dedicated NGO member, was very recently thrilled to unveil the innovative “Walk of Fame” initiative as part of the ongoing “Akce Cihla” campaign, inspired by the renowned “Buy-a-Brick, Be-a-Brick” model on the international stage.

Immerse yourself in this unique opportunity by acquiring a personalised brick featuring your company or name intricately engraved. These specially marked bricks will serve as the foundation for a new pavement in Slapy, set to materialise in the fall of 2024. Your company or name will be eternally embedded in the brick through state-of-the-art laser technology, showcasing your benevolence for future generations, potentially spanning centuries. Embrace this chance to leave an enduring mark while contributing to a noble cause.

Your support in this endeavour goes beyond just personal recognition. The funds gathered through this initiative will be channelled by Portus Praha to renovate the Sheltered Housing Overlook (“Na Vyhlídce”). This comprehensive renovation will encompass crucial aspects such as hood reconstruction, kitchen unit upgrades, insulation enhancements, and other vital improvements.

By participating in the “Walk of Fame” project and acquiring a personalised brick, you are not only cementing your legacy but also directly contributing to the well-being of individuals with intellectual disabilities residing in the Sheltered Housing Overlook. This initiative aims to empower these residents, assisting them in developing their skills and fostering independence. Your generosity echoes through both the enduring pavement in Slapy and the transformative renovations at the Sheltered Housing Overlook, creating a profound and lasting impact on the lives of people in need.

Price of one brick: CZK 5,000
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Website to purchase a brick and support a good cause: here (in Czech)
Do you have questions about donating? Read the FAQ
Do you have questions about the whole project? Check out the full presentation

Thank you for supporting those in need!