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RSJ Group: RSJ financial group trades in financial derivatives at global stock exchanges and manages a wide investment portfolio in the Czech Republic and abroad. Through RSJ Securities, our securities trading company, RSJ is active at stock exchanges in London, Chicago and Frankfurt am Main. They trade financial derivatives, particularly interest-rate futures contracts, government bonds, share indexes and energy commodities. Their central strategy is market-making, where the trader offers to both buy and sell assets, thus increasing tradability for other market participants. RSJ Securities is even, in some exchanges, the official market-maker appointed by that specific stock exchange. RSJ Investments, an investment fund, was founded in 2010, focusing on key areas relevant to the 21st century. Its portfolio includes projects such as information technology and biotechnology, production of healthy foods, renewable energy sources, as well as those from the field of life science – applied research focused upon improving and prolonging human life. Real-estate projects also represent a significant portion of our managed assets. In seeking new projects, the fund gives preference to companies that bring more than simply financial gain to their surroundings.

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