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Imperial Tobacco CR, s.r.o.

Radlická 3201
Praha, 15000 Česká republika

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Imperial Tobacco Group (ITG) is a leading international tobacco company with a balanced market footprint and a unique portfolio of brands and products across all tobacco ctegories. Imperial Brands PLC, headquartered in Bristol, UK, is a leading international company specializing in tobacco and non-tobacco brands. In the Czech Republic, Imperial Brands PLC is represented by local legal entity Imperial Tobacco CR, s.r.o. Imperial Tobacco CR, s.r.o., does not produce any products in Czech Republic as the products offered on the Czech market are produced in our EU factories. Imperial Tobacco CR, s.r.o., has been present on the Czech market for over 25 years. With around 130 full-time employees in Czech Republic and a market share of around 20 %, Imperial Tobacco CR, s.r.o., is a leading tobacco products distributor on the Czech market The company uses the new corporate identity Imperial Brands which will help to make the image that the company is not only a tobacco company, but has other products as well, specifically nicotine products without tobacco, and illustrate its evolution from a “big tobacco” company to a “big brands” company. This soft rebranding is closely connected with NGP launches.