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Cubex Centrum Praha spol. s r.o.

Na Strži 2097
Praha, 14000 Česká republika

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Cubex Centre Prague is a multifunctional centre built in 2018, which is suitable for various types of events. From galas and gala dinners to congresses, conferences, workshops, concerts or even festivals. Cubex Centrum Praha is located in Prague’s Pankrác district and is therefore perfectly accessible by public transport. It is located in the Trimaran building, which holds the prestigious LEED Platinum certificate, guaranteeing high energy and operational efficiency. Toilets there are flushed with rain and drainage water and has a highly efficient façade that regulates temperature, both at warm and cold days. Cubex Centre Prague offers up to 8 sections, 4 foyers and 2 bars. The total area is 3700 square meters and can accommodate a maximum of 1200 people, if the space is connected to the neighboring KC City, the capacity will increase up to 1700 people. The main hall A can accommodate up to 1000 people in theatre setup and is easily divisible into up to three smaller halls. The additional halls B and C can each hold about 80 people and can also be divided into two smaller halls. There is of course a cloakroom and two receptions at the entrance. The entire venue is inspired by Czech Cubism and is therefore, from the walls to the decorations, filled with sharp edges, clean lines and openwork surfaces. The whole space thus gives a modern and unique impression. The interiors of this multifunctional centre are painted in pure white, so that the client can brand almost everything in Cubex to their liking. The chameleon concept allows clients to light up the areas in front of the entrance to the halls and the ceilings and walls of the halls in any colour and helps to adapt the environment to the client’s needs. The branding options start before the entrance, where you can use, for example, an outdoor LCD screen or a sticker on the entrance door. At Cubex, a number of unique technologies are available to clients. For easy orientation throughout the centre, there is a navigation system consisting of 11 LCD screens. In the east foyer, there is a unique Media Wall, which covers 100 square meters of projection area in 4K plus resolution using five projectors. Inside the main hall there are then 4 built-in projectors and a new permanently fixed LED wall. A unique feature is the use of up to 360° blended projection on all walls of the main hall. The main hall also has the option of using 70 hanging points, so the client can hang almost anything from the ceiling, for example a car. It is also possible to provide an internet connection with speeds of up to 10Gbps. There are also 100 electrical sockets for exhibitions and stands or any other stuff needed to the event.