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CITYA mobility s.r.o.

Zaoralova 3045
Brno, 62800 Česká republika

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CITYA is a transit-tech franchise focused on optimizing public transportation and deploying DRT systems. We ensure the accessibility of cities, towns, and services. We reduce the number of cars in metropolises and provide efficient tools for planning and financing public transport. We are the only company offering a comprehensive solution for often inefficient suburban public transport – from data mining and data governance, to simulations, analysis, transit planning, and launching smart solutions hand in hand with legacy public transport networks. Thanks to the latest technologies, artificial intelligence, and data, we design individual transportation solutions that allow people to get wherever they need within a defined area, within a travel time of up to 15 minutes. We are improving transportation directly in cities and surrounding towns. For example, in Říčany and the surrounding municipalities, we have confirmed that if the project is successfully implemented in a comprehensive cluster of municipalities, the volume of orders increases, the entire system has internal logic and is sustainable. Cities and towns around are more accessible, and people are not dependent on driving cars. In Central Bohemia, we have already transported over 8000 people and more are being added. All the involved municipalities have eased transportation. In addition to Říčany and the towns on the train route, parking problems are decreasing because people can leave their cars at home for short distances. Today, we operate in several regions in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and recently also in Poland. We are improving life in cities and towns. News: