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Prague 1, 11800 Czech Republic

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CEC Group is the leading independent public affairs agency in Central Europe. We offer professional public affairs and strategic communications services to multinational clients across a full range of policy areas, including but not limited to Internal Market, Digital Agenda, Financial Services, Energy, Infrastructure and Defence.

Through our wholly-owned offices in Warsaw, Prague, Bratislava and Budapest, as well as our network of affiliates and consultants in Bucharest, Sofia, Kiev, the Baltic States and beyond, we are uniquely placed to deliver integrated services at a local, national, regional and European level.

Our offices employ over 40 people across the region, combining senior management with years of experience in the region between them, alongside young, dynamic, and multilingual staff to service our clients’ communication needs – professionally and effectively.

Our product offering has evolved in line with increasingly sophisticated policy formulation in the region. Instead of focussing on personalities, we place a premium on understanding decision-making processes and the influence of the full range of policy stakeholders. Our political communication tools have also evolved, and now embrace digital and social media, grass-roots campaigning and also harnessing the roles of NGOs, think tanks and trans-national organizations.

The Brussels angle of national policies and the national angles of EU policy are now intertwined, and public affairs strategies need to cope with that complexity. We understand the roles of MEPs, Permanent Representations to the EU, Central European Commissioners and EU policy makers on the EU and national levels. Our network brings together businesses, policy representatives and think tanks at a pan-European level, and we have also developed our own capacities in Brussels to help you navigate this labyrinth.

We have remained wholly-owned and fully independent over the years, whilst developing a network of relationships with partner public affairs and communications agencies in Europe, the UK and the United States. We are delighted to be able to team with them on the increasing number of multinational campaigns in which we are asked to participate.