NewsBrunch with AS! Psychodiagnostics face to face generations Y and Z

Our brunch with AS offers a unique opportunity to stand out from the competition and catch your breath with modern times. We will find out how to attract young people who often do not enjoy the long recruitment process. What’s more, we get to know a method that, in addition to its attractiveness, offers the same diagnostic results in less time.

Because the Y and Z generation won’t wait! ​In addition to sharing your experience and ideas, we have prepared for you:

  • How to be an attractive employer for Y and Z generation
  • How to integrate digital transformation processes into HR
  • How to choose the right candidates without the time and place played a role

WHEN: 23. 5. 2019
WHERE: Assessment Systems, Sokolovská 131/86, Praha 8
For registration, please contact:

We are looking forward to you!

Assessment Systems.