NewsBritish Chamber of Commerce has taken over the patronage of the MBA studies programs of SPML


The British Chamber of Commerce has taken over the patronage of the MBA, which Společnost pro management a leadership (SPML) have been providing for almost ten years. We are very proud to be the only one in the Czech Republic.

The reason is that we offer real education, ending with internationally recognized MBA management titles. Our partnership is based at the forefront of the fight against the sale of titles instead of the real transfer of experience, development of skills and the strengthening of students’ skills. With us, students are really studying and changing day-to-day reality of their companies during their studies. Students receive feedback from classmates and from lecturers and they are not sharing elsewhere such an open feedback and experience. Thus, the MBA study is alsothe form of intensive consultation with a team of specialists (lecturers). All lecturers have at least fifteen years of experience in their fields, clearly demonstrable results and appropriate education.

Our students are the same kind of people – those who want to do something by their own power or change the point of view of their business. The title is such a small cherry on a cake, not a goal – and that’s exactly what it should be like.

We believe that the adult education system in the Czech Republic will return to the standards we have once been known across Europe. We are delighted that we have found a great partner and are looking forward to another school year. Do you want to join? The MBA study for ten managers from all over the Czech Republic starts again in October 2018. The study is fully in the Czech language, but without doubts it meets the highest criteria for obtaining an international MBA diploma.

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