NewsBotanique Hotel Prague has completed extensive renovations of all its rooms

Located in the heart of Prague and nestled in the vibrant Karlín district, Botanique Hotel Prague is currently celebrating the completion of its project. Since the beginning of April, guests have been enjoying fully renovated rooms, which have undergone a transformation over the past few years with an investment of 4.4 million euros.

A total of 214 newly renovated rooms have been designed with a focus on maximizing guest comfort. The rooms excel in spaciousness and offer more than modern travelers might expect. One of the main features is the elegant bathrooms, which bring luxury in the form of top-notch design and technological solutions, such as stylish anti-fog mirrors and generous rain showers.
Botanique Hotel Prague offers three room categories: Superior, Executive, and the highest, Premium. Each category brings its unique benefits, allowing guests to choose tailor-made accommodation according to their individual preferences and needs.

For those seeking accommodation combining modern design and high-level friendly service, Botanique Hotel Prague becomes an unmistakable choice when visiting Prague. With completely renovated rooms and a wide range of services offered, the hotel provides an unforgettable experience.

Everything is complemented by the BE GREEN sustainability concept, which the hotel team continuously works on and expands with additional eco-friendly solutions. This philosophy is also reflected in the design of the new rooms, which are created by the leading Czech design studio Olgoj Chorchoj.

For more information about the project and the portfolio of services offered by Botanique Hotel Prague, visit the official website HERE.