NewsBCC Management Changes Announcement

Dear Sir or Madam,

As BCC Chairman, it is with mixed feelings that I write to inform you that Marcela Černochová will be stepping down as Managing Director of the British Chamber of Commerce here in Prague at the end of May.

Marcela is leaving to take up a role with an NGO, an interest close to her heart.

Her ten years with the British Chamber of Commerce have seen momentous progress in terms of services, outreach and membership – much of which stands as a tribute to Marcela’s tenacity, diligence, energy and charm. We now have over 200 members and can truly claim to be the principal generator of productive business connections between the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom.

Thank you, Marcela – and thank you for taking the upheavals of Brexit in your stride.

Marcela’s role as Managing Director will be assumed by Silvia Bušniaková, for the last 4 years our Deputy Director. Silvia joined us as a Communications manager, and has progressed to her current role via Events Management and Head of Business Development.

Silvia has a 13 -year track-record with the Chamber. She knows you all, and you know her. We are fortunate indeed to have this option for the succession, so please give Silvia a warm welcome as she takes up her new responsibilities in June.

We are now preparing some outstanding events. For example, and for the very first time in the history of the BCC, you can join us for The Car Rally, which will take place on 28 and 29 May at Zeliv Monastery. Do not miss this event – it will be our first “face to face” event after almost a year. You can see all upcoming events here.

In June, Members can get together for Pimms and Strawberries and Cream in the gardens of the Villa Rudolfa in Černošice, as part of the nationwide “Open Gardens” event.

Another networking event will be staged in Prague at the end of August.

We look forward to a bright future and to see you all at our on-line AGM on May 25th.

Best regards

Guy St. John Barker

Chairman of the Board
British Chamber of Commerce