Team building push-up challenge for BCC members!

Team push-ups for BCC members! MgC together with the Czech University of Life Sciences (CZU) have prepared a very interesting project, Team Push-up for BCC members. This is a team building exercise for teams, where different companies compete against each other. Since this is a corporate team building challenge, each team will receive feedback on … Continued

JKF GYMS: The Summer Camp Blurb

The Diplomat Gym by JKF, located on the penthouse floor of the Hotel Vienna House in Prague 6, has organized a Childrens’ Sport Camp program that will offer a variety of exercise programs and activities for kids aged 6 to 14. The all-day summer camps will teach youngsters the basics of fitness and help them … Continued

Ebury acquires Bexs Banco and expands its international payments offering in Brazil.

Ebury, one of the world’s largest fintech companies specializing in international transactions for small and medium-sized enterprises, with operations in 20 countries, today signs an agreement to begin the process of acquiring 100% of the Brazilian fintech Bexs, which includes the businesses Bexs Banco (foreign exchange) and Bexs Pay (payments). The acquisition, which is subject … Continued

Ebury: Weekly FX Market Update

Wobbly stock markets trigger rush to safe-havens Another week of risk asset sell-offs had a predictable effect on currency markets. The Japanese yen topped the week’s performance charts, followed by the US dollar. European currency stalled again, and commodity currencies like the Norwegian krone and the antipodean dollars fell sharply. Emerging market currencies fell against … Continued

New approach to import controls to help ease cost of living

The Government has concluded that it would be wrong to impose new administrative requirements on businesses who may pass-on the associated costs to consumers. The remaining import controls on EU goods will no longer be introduced this year, the government has announced today. Instead, traders will continue to move their goods from the European Union … Continued

PwC: Tax inspection practice in transfer pricing

According to PwC clients’ experience, one of the key areas of income tax inspection focused on by tax offices is transfer pricing. Every company closing a deal with related parties may be sooner or later in the position of a controlled entity. We would like to invite you to PwC’s webinar where they will share … Continued

Ebury: Weekly FX Market Update

Volatility returns with a vengeance on Fed hawkishness Interest rates are going up everywhere, hard and fast, and markets are finding it increasingly difficult to ignore the consequences. Stocks staged a relief rally in the wake of the Federal Reserve’s 50 basis point hike, but it was short-lived, and by the following day they resumed … Continued

Ment2Grow Participant Rekenber Has Been Funded 12 Million Crowns by Ceska Sporitelna to Help Implement Insolvency Software

The BCC are proud to announce that Rekenber, which was mentored through the Ment2Grow programme by Petr Karel, BCC Board Vice Chairman, has become a successful start-up company whose software has been implemented by Česká Spořitelna. Banks could soon improve estimates of whether or not their clients will manage to repay loans or mortgages. Rekenber … Continued