PwC: RPA Workshop | 31 January 2019

PwC invites you to attend the RPA Workshop “Identification of Suitable Processes for Automation” It is no surprise that implementing robotic process automation in a company can greatly affect costs and improve efficiency. How to turn theory into practice and make a smooth move from initial analysis to final execution itself? Embark on a journey of … Continued

Deloitte Legal Expands the Competition and Tax Litigation Teams

Deloitte Legal was joined by two new experienced attorneys-at-law. Kateřina Mandulová has strengthened the competition law team, while Tomáš Brožek has joined the tax litigation team. Prior to joining Deloitte Legal, Kateřina Mandulová had worked at Tesco Stores, where she was engaged in implementing new retail regulations and the issues of economic competition, and at … Continued

Helicopter Show: 17-18 May 2019, Hradec Králové

DSA, member of the BCC, invites to participate at the 18th event of Helicopter Show 2019 taking place at the Airport Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic from 17th to 18th May 2019. Within those HS2019_brochure two days not only the best Czech pilots who will participate at the Saturday’s flight display but also the visitors can expect the statistic displays … Continued

Assessment Systems: Hogan Certification Workshop in English

Assessment Systems invite you to attend a Hogan Certification Workshop in English Are you interested in Hogan methods and would like to get more involved with their principles? Let us invite you and join us on Hogan Certification Workshop in English! Through the workshop, you will deepen your interpretive skills and after completing it you will … Continued

Austrian Ball | 18th January 2019 | Žofín Palace

The British Chamber of Commerce is a proud partner of the Austrian Ball, which will take place at the Žofín Palace on 18th January 2019. Austrian Ball – a lively celebration full of elegance and Viennese Ball tradition Enjoy the unique atmosphere of the 19th Austrian Ball! Every year the Ball brings Viennese Ball flair to … Continued

Deloitte: Czech Economy in 2019: Further Slowdown and a Shortage of Workforce

In 2019, the Czech economy will grow at 2.2%. Owing to the ongoing shortage of workforce, salaries will keep rising (+6.5%) at an ever faster pace compared to work productivity. Inflation will remain at above 2% and the central bank’s currency policy should be less aggressive than last year. These are the conclusions of the … Continued

Deloitte TMT Predictions: 2019 will be Defined by Smart Speakers, Rise of 5G Networks and Development of Cloud-Based AI

In 2019, smart speakers will be the fastest-growing connected IoT device category. Their market will be worth USD 7 billion.Fifth-generation (5G) wireless networks will burst onto the scene in 2019, and by 2020, around 50 operators will offer this service.Among companies using artificial intelligence (AI), more than two thirds will obtain these capabilities through the … Continued

EY: Every third Czech would happily switch to a competitor offering better online financial services. Are banks ready for the digital banking revolution?

Every third Czech would happily switch to a competitor offering better online financial services. Are banks ready for the digital banking revolution? Banks aren’t innovative enough and are losing touch with clients More than half of Czechs with a mortgage took it out somewhere other than their primary bank A quarter of clients wouldn’t hesitate … Continued

The BCC is looking for new colleagues who will support our trade team

We are hiring! The BCC is looking for a new colleagues who will support our trade team. Apply for the work position of Senior Trade Adviser or Information Desk Administrator. Find out more here The British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) promotes the interests of its member- companies on both the Czech and international markets. With … Continued