NewsA Unique Book about London, its Culinary Scene, and Life out of the Comfort Zone

We are delighted to bring to your attention a unique book titled “A London to Devour” (in Czech: “Londýn prostě žeru”), recently published in Czech.

This book is a gem in terms of the graphics and the content. It was experienced, written, photographed, produced, and published by a single person. Lenka Požárová (a former tax consultant turned cookbook author) came to London in her 40s with a simple dream: to become a professional chef after being just an enthusiastic one for many years. After 2.5 years of baking cakes, disgorging grouse guts, peeling pig tongs, slicing beef hearts and piercing them on a skewer, spooning out hundreds of poached eggs, and waiting tables, she was chewed and spat out by London towards a totally unexpected profession: journalism and photography.

Lenka spent a couple of years toiling on the project, pulled out of contract negotiations with a big publishing house, and self-published the book because otherwise it would never be what it became: a captivating, inspirational, witty, honest, and also visually mind-blowing book. The book blends at least four genres together. It’s not a guidebook, thought it has many tips. It’s not a cookbook, thought it has recipes. It’s not a travelogue, though it tells the tales of many adventures Lenka experienced. It’s not a photo book, though it has 450 pictures.

You can best help Lenka by buying the book directly from her website (as she invested her savings to produce it). If you do, you get the book signed with a dedication, and wrapped in a parchment. It is, of course, also available from bookstores.