News12th Project Management Conference

The British Chamber of Commerce is a partner of the 12th Project Management Conference

When: 16t – 17th September 2020

Where: Cubex centrum Prague

In our professional lives we often face conflicts of different kind. For instance, the never-ending fight of IT and Business, Agile against Project Management, the struggle for a superior position between soft and hard skills or even fight between left or right brain hemisphere. There are misunderstandings and even a bit of mistrust between brave youngsters and experienced professionals. There are misalignments between the „visionary” top management and the “practical” employees who, in the end, must get things done. We even experience disrespect and at times, an effort to stop distinguishing between men and women.

Groups and topics tend to separate the business environment into the like-minded people, by their respective perceptions of the world. But the true wisdom, comes from diversity and respect to differences. Therefore let´s find ways and synergies together. Connecting the dots.

Onsite attendance:

  • 10% discount for BCC members from 9900,- CZK / attendee, use the code “promo_konference2020
  • group registration:
    • from 5 to 19 registrations, the price is 8000,- CZK / attendee
    • from 20 registrations and more, the price is 7500 CZK / attendee

Offsite attendance with online streaming, 15% discount for BCC members

  • from 9900,- CZK per attendee
  • from 8000,- CZK (group of 5-19 attendees)
  • from 7500,- CZK (group of 20 attendees and more).